point of no return

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a line that when crossed permits of no return and typically results in irrevocable commitment

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Executed after a residency in Venice, the works extend the mainstays of her practice (brash squeegeed brushwork, incised lines, and cross-hatching) in newly buoyant hues of cerulean, emerald, and blush pink, and, in paintings such as Crossing the Rubicon, 2012, and Assunta, 2012, passages of white and bare support that aerate these choked compositions.
In contrast, the SP and the BSP have desisted crossing the Rubicon the way Mamata did to express disapproval of the Congress's reforms push.
Among his topics are bell ringing and other permutations, God's algorithm and graphs, the illegal cube group, and crossing the Rubicon.
Which Roman general ignited civil war by crossing the Rubicon river with his army in 49 BC?
The EP will have to decide where to draw the line to keep a new text acceptable: abolishing the Charter of Fundamental Rights, the EU's legal personality or the pillar structure would be tantamount to crossing the Rubicon.