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one of the cross braces that support the rails on a railway track

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When on Saturday he broke the cross-tie, got down and thrashed about, I think he bust the fracture apart.
The material inside the strip consists of drawn main fibrils and cross-tie fibrils connecting them and was modeled as a linear anisotropic elastic material by Brown (8).
Adding still two more cross-ties a little to the left of the husk frame to support the engine, I had my basic foundation.
Koppers in February completed the purchase of the cross-tie treating business and a plant from Tolko Industries Ltd.
The Pit, an unlined, open, railroad cross-tie treatment facility, was operated for over thirty years at the Hull, Florida site by several predecessor companies that eventually became CSX Transportation.
He added: "I won my heat on a number of occasions but always seemed to come up against the eventual winner in my cross-tie ( so I never made the final in all the years of trying.
Contract notice for Deliveries of concrete cross-ties for investment projects.
The event has moved around in recent years but now looks as though it has found a permanent home where the cross-ties and final are slotted between horse racing on a specially marked straight during the National Hunt fixture on New Year's Day.
It includes more than 800 fan-requested, American-made, classic K'NEX rods, connectors, cross-ties, and tube-track for lightning striking fun, as well as a motor, vertical chain lift, two cars, and two fully articulated K'NEX-men figures--and comes packaged in an iconic K'NEX suitcase.
Keep this in mind the next time you see a young horse in cross-ties, fighting flies in a narrow barn aisle, anxiously awaiting a farrier visit.
Swift Railroad Contractors received the track upgrading contract which includes replacing 140,000 wood cross-ties.
2) To keep the horse in place, you can use cross-ties or a single tie and attach cross-ties to the side rings of the halter.
As bone turnover increases, there is a preferential loss of the horizontal trabeculae known as cross-ties, Dr.
It also is used to make scaffolding, wooden-ware, railroad cross-ties and equipment parts.
Resilient caps for cross-ties at railway crossings U.