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a vector that is the product of two other vectors

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Sell- and buy-side participants alike can substantially lower their capital and funding cost by actively pooling clearing business on an integrated cross-product CCP.
De Molina said, "Jonathan and I have been discussing a Cross-Product Strategic Trading initiative for some time.
Part 6: Cross-Product Master Agreements, Contract Bridges, Setoff and Other Approaches to Multiple Agreement Risk Introduction to Part 6 Sample Cross-Product Master Agreement
By applying the Cross-Product Master Agreement, the financial markets will have a contractual superstructure covering a spectrum of financial products that will provide greater legal certainty, reducing risks and enhancing liquidity in global markets," said Paul Saltzman, the Association's executive vice president and general counsel.
Attractive rates, flat-rated pricing and cross-product discounts have resulted in a flurry of new business activity for the company," said Matthew D.
The adoption of industry-accepted standards and assurances regarding discrete cross-product interoperability are critical to most enterprises evaluating technologies to incorporate into an SOA," said Sandra Rogers, program director of SOA, Web services, and Integration research at IDC.
Value of "cooperation" to estimate cross-product sales effects
Quest operates over 20 research and development labs around the world, which requires significant cross-team and cross-product collaboration.
By linking information from different systems in different formats, the suite provides unprecedented cross-product, cross-application, and cross-line-of-business visibility to limit losses and respond to compliance concerns.
InstallAnywhere 8 Enterprise edition extends the Standard edition with new team development and collaboration tools, multi-language design capabilities, support for shared components, cross-product dependencies, and more.
There is a critical need to get data that can be easily pooled to permit cross-product analyses, particularly in the area of patient safety.
Adobe Stock Photos is accessed through Adobe Bridge, a hub for productivity, imagery and creativity that provides multi-view file browsing and smooth cross-product integration within Adobe Creative Suite 2 and CS2 versions of Adobe products.
OPSWorld 2005 was the company's first cross-product user conference for all Opsware customers, partners and resellers from North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.