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Synonyms for cross-link

a side bond that links two adjacent chains of atoms in a complex molecule

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join by creating covalent bonds (of adjacent chains of a polymer or protein)

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On the basis of earlier work (23) it was suggested that cross-linking agent should be used for preparation of enzyme to avoid leaching of enzyme from the membrane.
A second cross-linking agent was a liquid PF resin (code SS-101, Dynea Resins, Moncure, NC) described as a face resin binder for OSB with the following specifications:
Cyanuric acid, a white, odorless solid and an industrially useful chemical that is widely used as a chlorine stabilizer in swimming pools, as a precursor to chlorinated cyanurates which are used to disinfect water, as a precursor to cross-linking agents, especially for polyurethane resins, as a raw material to manufacture many other types products like bleaches, water treatment products, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, and also as a non-protein nitrogen additive used in animal feed and drinking water in some countries.
Even so, iron may not be the key cross-linking agent.
w] = 72000), GA as a cross-linking agent and methanol were purchased from Merck and were used without further purification.
The Comex product is a two-component system, including a high-performance acrylic urethane base, plus nanoparticles, oil and water-proof molecules, and a cross-linking agent.
In the first step, the effect of citric acid concentration as cross-linking agent was studied.
A medical pressure-sensitive adhesive composition was patented in which an intermediate composition is cross-linked through the use of a cross-linking agent.
Trigonox 311 is a 95% liquid peroxide (trioxepane family) for use as a cross-linking agent for natural rubber and a variety of synthetic polymers, including EPR, EPDM, EVA, NBR, CR, PVC, CSM, SBR, TPE, PU, XLPE and silicone.
4] particles can used as a novel cross-linking agent for PVC/NBR blends if the coordination cross-linking could occur between NBR and CUS[O.
05) with the increase in cross-linking time intervals within the group for each cross-linking agent.
The method is comprised of electrodepositing the lead-free cationic electrodeposition coating composition onto the alloyed hot-dip galvanized steel plate, wherein the binder resin includes a cationic base resin and a cross-linking agent, and the pigments include 5-30% by mass of pigment formed from a compound having an aluminum-containing cation and a phosphate-containing cation, and 5-30% by mass of a silicon oxide pigment having a pore volume of 0.
Dispersa-Cup VC-75 is an encapsulated, high activity form of Vul-Cup organic peroxide, used as a vulcanizing agent and cross-linking agent.
5%, it is used as a flame retardant and corrosin-resistant agent for unsaturated polyester and alkyd resins, and as a cross-linking agent in epoxy.