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Synonyms for hatching

the production of young from an egg

shading consisting of multiple crossing lines

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The trust denied liability and said there were other routes, cross-hatch markings and a sign saying "Beware automatic barrier".
An aggressive above-bumper grille with a cross-hatch texture, and the Saturn badge located in a T-shaped chrome "bridge" across the grille's upper edge.
Mitchell wears padded coat by Dior (4yrs-8yrs, pounds 143-pounds 159), cross-hatch trousers by Armani (12mths-6yrs, pounds 60-pounds 66) and T-shirt by DKNY (6yrs16yrs, pounds 20-pounds 24).
The result was a controlled cross-hatch pattern of orientation that brought the transverse mechanical properties closer to those in the flow direction.
Biomet Spine also won second place in the Biologics category with the Indux[TM] Cortical Strip, a robust, single-piece construct with a unique cross-hatch pattern that maintains structure and flexibility.
New exterior design elements include satin textured handles inspired by professional-grade kitchen appliances that feature a cross-hatch texture with a secure, no-slip grip, and precision touch controls that provide a seamless, easy-to-use look and feel.
Fabricators can etch a cross-hatch pattern (FIGURE 1) into the outer layers to improve flexibility, but unless you are removing 80%-plus of the copper, I have found that the added flexibility is minimal.
Equmen married the health insights of physiotherapists with the technical expertise of leading athletic garment engineers to create its proprietary Helix-Mapping System: combining the cross-hatch taping technique physiotherapists use to improve postural alignment with the core muscle support from next generation fabrics.
7 million project lacked proper tools to cross-hatch the crosswalks, city officials said.
Paint adhesion was measured by the ASTM cross-hatch adhesion test.