cross-country skiing

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the sport of skiing across the countryside (rather than downhill)

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Ream is on his way to Hayward, Wisconsin, to ski in the American Birkebeiner, more commonly called the Birkie, a 55-kilometer cross-country ski race that is one of the longest -- more than 34 miles -- and most difficult in the country, if not the world.
While a part of me longs for warmer days at this time of year, I celebrate blue-sky days with fresh snowfalls when I can take out my cross-country skis and head into the woods.
There are several popular cross-country ski trailheads between Bend and Mount Bachelor, one of which, Meissner, features trails groomed by volunteers from the local chapter of the Oregon Nordic Club.
Both Salomon and Amer Group, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Atomic Austria GmbH, manufacture and sell winter sport hard goods such as alpine and cross-country skis, bindings and boots.
The other ski used in the backcountry is the telemark ski, where the heel is always free to lift up, as with cross-country skis.
Though they sound like meditation guidelines, the activity in this case is cross-country ski lessons.
In addition, many cross-country ski workouts naturally include interval training.
The course took place during the winter months, therefore, travel through the mountains was undertaken using cross-country skis.
Medal-winning K2 equipment used in Turin included alpine skis and bindings, cross-country skis, ski boots, snowboards and speed skates.
In the freshly packed snow, cross-country skis make a slight buzz as they glide over the surface.
Cross-country ski lessons cost pounds 89, including two-hour lessons over three days and use of cross-country skis and boots for six full days.
The traditional telemark skis have cable bindings to allow the heel to lift up, a la cross-country skis, thus allowing the skis to slide forward on the flats, making for easier hill climbing.
You can rent cross-country skis here ($10 a day for full package).