cross-country skiing

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the sport of skiing across the countryside (rather than downhill)

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DARIO COLOGNA -- Hublot ambassador since 2010 -- Flying start on snow One of the best Swiss cross-country skiers in history.
He added: "It is is also good to be with the cross-country skiers - there is a bit of banter between us, but they are good guys to have around.
HUDDERSFIELD cross-country skier Fiona Hughes battled to 68th on her Winter Olympic debut in the ladies' 10km freestyle but couldn't hide her frustration that it wasn't higher.
About 150 cross-country skiers from the northern Russian city of Syktyvkar took part.
Stewart Miller (right), who brought the world championships to Scotland, said: "Finland's cross-country skiers trained in swamps when there was no snow.
The number of cross-country skiers increased from the previous season, the group said.
The tragedy happened as the trio of cross-country skiers got caught in freezing temperatures, which can plunge as low as -20C in the area.
It is popular with cross-country skiers and hikers but can be bitterly cold during the winter.
4 -- 6) Cross-country skiers are accommodated at a facility near the Tamarack Lodge, above.
In a country where most top athletes retire from sports by the time they reach 30, cross-country skiers often compete for a decade beyond that.
Profiling had shown a "surprisingly small variety" in an athlete's haemoglobin levels, despite significant changes of training intensity or fluid intake, according to a study on 38 Olympic cross-country skiers, said Copenhagen Muscle Research Centre director Bengt Saltin.
Six cross-country skiers and four biathlon competitors were given urine tests, whose results will be announced within two days.
Rogge's comments came after the International Skiing Federation suspended eight cross-country skiers from the first five days of competition due to abnormally high red blood cell counts in their blood.
Skier Insurance Services offers Skier Guard Season Pass Insurance to cross-country skiers and downhill skiers.
The adaptive immune systems of 10 competitive cross-country skiers were recently compared to 10 moderately trained skiers and 10 untrained healthy controls.