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the sport of skiing across the countryside (rather than downhill)

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The event traces its roots to 13th-century Norway, when soldiers on cross-country skis smuggled an 18-month-old prince, who would grow up to be king, to safety during a power struggle.
The fold-out color map includes an overview map of cross-country ski trails in the Waldo Lake, Odell Lake and Mount Yoran area, plus inset trail maps of Salt Creek Falls and Pengra Pass ski trails.
Left, the first step in taking a cross-country ski trek around the Mammoth Lakes Basin is getting fitted with proper equipment, which is overseen by instructor Marcia Mohun, far right.
Indeed, the first thing that strikes me when I step into my cross-country skis is how light and agile I feel with them on.
Fastow and another executive race ahead and leave Watkins behind, alone and inadequately clad for the cold, on a cross-country ski trek across a desolate field to a fancy restaurant.
You may spot a deer as you cross-country ski in a quiet forest.
The latent demand for abdominal exercisers, cross-country ski exercisers, gliders and riders, rowing machines, and slant-boards in the United States is not actual or historic sales.
There are several popular cross-country ski trailheads between Bend and Mount Bachelor, one of which, Meissner, features trails groomed by volunteers from the local chapter of the Oregon Nordic Club.
In addition, many cross-country ski workouts naturally include interval training.
Highly educated people tend to hunt less, snowmobile less, and cross-country ski more than less educated people.
Host to Olympic hopefuls and locals alike, the 60 kilometers of trails in the park are the backdrop for the Alaska Ski for Women, the largest women-only ski race in the country, and the finish line for the Tour of Anchorage, a cross-country ski marathon.
Perhaps the most impressive numbers were seen at cross-country ski areas, where--thanks to the snowier winter weather--151,000 cross-: country skiing visits were recorded, a 57.
In many winters, you have to take advantage of good cross-country ski conditions quickly, because they don't last.
The Oregon Recreation Trails Advisory Council recognized Vielbig for his contributions to the planning, development and maintenance of cross-country ski trails throughout the Pacific Northwest.
Although you can cross-country ski on the ungroomed Tioga Pass Road, those venturing into the backcountry for the first time should go with an experienced group or a guide, says resort owner Ron Cohen, who grew up in Chatsworth before moving to the mountains.