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a careful study of some social unit (as a corporation or division within a corporation) that attempts to determine what factors led to its success or failure

a detailed analysis of a person or group from a social or psychological or medical point of view

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From these descriptive findings, we extended our cross-case analysis to "build an explanation" (Yin, 2009, p.
However, cross-case analysis showed that this could be explained as an overlapping of different policies.
Aggregative synthesis would rely on a technique like cross-case analysis to accomplish the goal of study aggregation (Yin, 2003).
The major themes emerging in this cross-case analysis include innovation and replication, relationship with government, interagency collaborations, types of emergencies, volunteerism, and relief-oriented medical services.
Using a cross-case analysis with multiple case studies provides a way to strengthen the results of the study.
Pattern coding was particularly important for this multiple-case study, as it led to the development of key themes, which laid the groundwork for cross-case analysis.
Innovative programs and practices emerging from the implementation of welfare reform: A cross-case analysis.
Qualitative case study design was used to construct individual portraits and a cross-case analysis of four teachers in multiage classrooms serving students in grades 3 through 5.
The analysis of cases provides descriptive within-case analysis and cross-case analysis where cases are compared and patterns explored.
The cross-case analysis found a consistent and predictable five-stage cycle which describes the trajectory of management fads: creation, narrative evolution, time lag, narrative devolution, and dissonance resolution.
Results of the cross-case analysis are presented, including factors supporting and posing challenges to implementation.
Following the within-case analysis, the themes and sub-themes of the focus group cases were compared in the cross-case analysis stage.
Networks for innovation in sustainable tourism; case studies and cross-case analysis.
Qualitative cross-case analysis indicated that the teachers used motivational and skill-building strategies to promote academic success.
Cross-case analysis of these roles over the 18-month institute revealed four patterns of teacher leadership.