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Synonyms for border



border on something


Synonyms for border

a fairly narrow line or space forming a boundary

the line or area separating geopolitical units

to put or form a border on

to be contiguous or next to

border on: to come near, as in quality or amount

Synonyms for border

the boundary line or the area immediately inside the boundary

the boundary of a surface

a decorative recessed or relieved surface on an edge

a strip forming the outer edge of something

form the boundary of

enclose in or as if in a frame

provide with a border or edge


lie adjacent to another or share a boundary

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How high are cross-border B2C E-Commerce exports and imports of some major European markets?
34 per cent say they plan to undertake another cross-border deal in the next two years.
If a financial institution does not block and report a cross-border ACH transfer and another financial institution does, then it may face civil or even criminal penalties," Salaris said.
If the ECJ follows the Advocate-General's opinion, then in general the denial of cross-border group relief would appear to be a breach of the EC Treaty.
Moreover, these rules attempt to coordinate the cross-border merger basis rules with recently proposed basis rules under Sec.
Results from the survey show this trend is set to continue with more than 50pc of respondents planning to increase holdings in cross-border real estate.
Louise Binder, CTAC Chair said "over the past year, the HIV activist community has watched with alarm as cross-border importation has created a growing and serious threat to affordable and timely access to badly needed medicines for Canadians living with HIV/AIDS.
Mexico (maquiladora and non-maquiladora) overland merchandise passes, has always been a vital cross-border trading site.
While much academic attention has been focused on the "regionalization" effects of the European Union, far less focus has been placed on cross-border regionalism in North America.
that he supports the initiative of the International Accounting Standards Committee (IASC) to develop a core set of accounting standards for cross-border securities listings.
The financial services chapter establishes the rules governing treatment by each NAFTA country of the other countries' financial firms, investments in the financial sector, and cross-border service providers.
Rational exploitation and utilization of natural and environmental resources is more difficult in cross-border areas than in areas under the jurisdiction of a single authority.
Together their online retail cross-border exports are forecasted to top EUR 100 billion by 2020.
Goal: To strengthen cross-border governance in the West African region through the definition of regional and national strategies and the promotion of pilot cross-border local development processes.
com/research/bjtbwg/global) has announced the addition of the "Global Cross-Border B2C E-Commerce 2015" report to their offering.