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a member of the House of Commons who does not vote regularly with either the government or the Opposition

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Leader of the Lords Baroness Jay said: "There have been more than 5,000 requests for applications for people to become cross-bench members of the interim Lords, and 191 applications have been received".
Despite Labour and Cross-Bench support, we lost by 197 to 162 votes.
The customer must come first, the balance sheet second and bonuses third" - Cross-bench peer Lord Rees-Mogg.
As a cross-bench peer, she says sport and rights for disabled people will be among her passions.
ALL FAMILIES with disabled children are to be entitled to childcare, thanks to a campaign to amend the Childcare Bill led by Mencap president and cross-bench peer Lord Rix.
LORD IN GE Cross-bench peer, Peter Inge was Chief of the Defence Staff from 1994 to 1997.
Cross-bench peer Lord Rix (Brian Rix, the former comic actor) advocating the Lottery be run by a government agency.
David Cameron would be foolish to dismiss the call by Betty Boothroyd, a former Speaker of the House of Commons who is now an independent cross-bench peer, that the Cabinet Minister should be sacked if she doesn't quit.
The cross-bench peer spoke of the disappearance of the region's industrial heritage, called for a better offer for young people and an additional 60,000 jobs in the region.
Birkenhead-born Lord Hall, who was made a cross-bench peer in 2010, admitted there is "a lot of hard work ahead" when announcing his first appointments earlier this year, but said he was creating a team that would "define the BBC and public service broadcasting for the next decade".
Mr Wigley will be sponsored by fellow Plaid Peer Lord Dafydd Elis-Thomas and cross-bench Peer Lord Faulkner of Worcester as he takes up his new title as "Baron Wigley of Caernarfon in the County of Gwynedd.
It would seem Cllr Cox has forgotten the wonderful cross-bench support that night.
If Gordon Brown had been one of the Three Wise Men he would not have ended up at the crib in Bethlehem, but swimming sadly in the Dead Sea" - Cross-bench peer Lord Rees-Mogg on the Prime Minister's "underlying gloom".
Denis Healey's famous put-down of Sir Geoffrey Howe - "Being attacked by him in the House is like being savaged by a dead sheep" - is now part of cross-bench legend.