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a horizontal bar that goes across something

game equipment consisting of a horizontal bar to be jumped or vaulted over

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long thin horizontal crosspiece between two vertical posts

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The scope of supply for the Cezarina project comprises a complete pyro line, including an Atox raw mill, a CF silo, an in-line calciner pre-heater system, a Rotax kiln, and an FLSmidth Cross-Bar cooler.
The 16-year-old winger cut in-field and hit a 30-yard shot that rattled the cross-bar.
It features Chevrolet's signature cross-bar grille in the front and centre, and jewelled-effect front headlights.
Dean Holdsworth's men were first to settle and defender Gary Warren placed a header onto the Maidenhead cross-bar from a Danny Rose corner after 10 minutes.
Johnny Rea headed in following a Smith free-kick that shook the cross-bar and Terry Robinson's neat back-header eluded the keeper for St Francis, who put in an outstanding performance.
So how much longer do we have to make do with the cross-bar hurdles?
66mins: Murphy rising edge-of-box shot grazes the home cross-bar.
This outstanding performance was accomplished by leveraging NEC's high performance cross-bar switching technology, which supports up to over 100GB/s aggregated throughput, and its unique addressing network technology for high speed cache coherency control.
Vale needed one slice of luck in the first half when Lee Miller's 33rd minute header came back off the cross-bar.
Warwick almost regained the lead immediately afterwards, but for Paul John's effort hitting the cross-bar rather than the back of the net.
The patent portfolio, which includes a number of issued patents and pending applications, covers intellectual property related to cross-bar array architecture, a novel, extremely powerful and very simple and versatile approach to designing and manufacturing nano-enabled systems.
H-shaped on plan, the house had two parallel wings, running east-west and connected by a cross-bar at first floor level, above a vaulted basement.
Fife were first to threaten when Paul McManus hit the cross-bar in four minutes.
Hutchison, who hit the cross-bar twice, said: "The boss had a meeting on Monday and said that our season started on Saturday.
The 128-processor Unix server Fujitsu Ltd is to ship next fall will leverage the cross-bar processor interconnect switch used in its vector processing supercomputer to provide each processor with uniform access to memory.