pedestrian crossing

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street crossing where pedestrians have right of way

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The recommended practice RP-8 does not have any standards for cross walk illumination requirement.
CUTLINE: (PHOTO) Students at the College of the Holy Cross walk by St.
The tool will also support the current initiative to award college credits for Army training, in conjunction with partners in higher education, by providing a cross walk of Army training to higher education credits.
Donations have been given to community organizations such as The Children's Home Society, Cross Walk, Hutton Settlement, and last year's event raised over $10,000 for Ronald McDonald Charities of Spokane.
It's a five-way cross walk, flooded with businessmen, schoolgirls in uniform, tourists, and bicyclists.
From the Butter Cross walk to the lych gate and enter the churchyard (Map 128/082245).
Three Mile Battle of Neville's Cross walk starts 1.
The men and women of hate may have let the girls of Holy Cross walk to school unmolested - but their violence is never far away.
Each year the kids plan and put on a Good Friday Stations of the Cross walk, in full costume, at a popular park.
Imagine crossing the street at a gently curving dip, not stepping into a massive puddle and being able to walk in the relative safety of a clearly marked wider cross walk.
When crossing the street, look left-right-left for cars and do not cross if a car is coming and use a cross walk if you can.
Tenders are invited for Traffic Light & Pedestrian Cross Walk Supplies
A Hill Cross Walk resident added: "I was at home and I heard an almighty bang, it must have been when the vehicles crashed.
Police said the pedestrian was not at a cross walk and was wearing dark clothing.
Then the designer needs to decide on where to locate the cross walk.