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a section created by a plane cutting a solid perpendicular to its longest axis

a sample meant to be representative of a whole population

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(physics) the probability that a particular interaction (as capture or ionization) will take place between particles

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8220;I have been looking for an effective, flexible, and intuitive cross section tool.
Based on the macro element method, CCC provides a user friendly environment for effortless cross section design, requiring only a few seconds to perform the calculations.
The Georgia Tech team built an ultra-high vacuum system that simulates conditions in space, then performed the first-ever reported measurement of the water photodesorption cross section from an actual lunar sample.
In trial 1, a training trial, sagittae of 93 Greenland halibut were examined to compare precision between the two aging methods and to calibrate age readers with respect to the first few annuli on the stained cross sections.
The relationship between round and square cross sections was tested with the 48 ponderosa pine log sections from the air-drying study previously referenced (Simpson and Wang 2003, 2004).
It is assumed that originally all the cross sections contain the same number of links, [N.
However, chip arrangement studies have not considered the cross section of the chip.
When you look at any cross section of ivory, explains Mann, you can see lines radiating from the center (see photos, above, right).
Certain stretched materials expand in one direction of their cross sections and contract in the other, while maintaining a constant volume.
These measurements, combined with known neutron activation cross sections, determined the fluency, defined as the number of neutrons per [cm.
Inside are diagrams upon diagrams, cross sections of cross sections, pink and blue and black markings.
Whether it is raster, point, line, or polygon data, CrossView gives users a robust and simple presentation perspective through mapping profiles or cross sections of their ESRI ArcGIS geo-database.
The report was being prepared at the request of the Company as a follow-up step to the earlier completed preliminary exploration work undertaken on the prospect which included a recently acquired gravity survey, geological cross sections, a 10 well study, a detailed surface outcrop survey, and a cross section map on the Maverick Springs Prospect.