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a reference at one place in a work to information at another place in the same work

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See page 33 for an alphabetical index of corresponding page numbers for all four cross reference sections.
Business Entity Cross Reference Service is available through S&P Capital IQ's Xpressfeed delivery platform.
Similar," "Superior" and other unlimited user defined cross references can also be made based upon product attribute values using business rules.
Phoenix Fabrikations was omitted from the spunlace section of the roll goods cross reference section
An historical batch feed service, it currently features end-of-day equity prices and corporate actions from over 140 exchanges worldwide, spot rates on 175 currencies, cross and forward rates, an extensive array of global cross reference information for access across the enterprise and historical time-series data from 1976.
This will make it easier for financial organizations to cross reference to different industry codes, such as ISIN.
Inventory Cross Reference - This inventory function simplifies the product search by automatically identifying equivalent product codes, when products appear on multiple manufacturers' catalogues, under different codes, or cross-referenced to their own product codes.
NYSE:ARV), introduces the first automotive filter website to have a working E-catalog that contains both a cross reference and a passenger car and light truck applications look-up, according to Richard Durrer, product manager for Purolator.
By configuring Director and base Macola EDI data, the utility will assure correct relationships in Director, assure that the proper links are established between Director and Macola, and assure that the correct formats are specified for each Trading Partner Cross Reference Record.
Engineers, who previously had to know an individual vendor or part number to retrieve an application note, can now search through an extensive cross reference of more than 200 manufacturers.
Small black and white photos, cross references within volumes for further follow up reading, and an attention to detail make WOMEN AND WAR a recommended pick.
Finally, Molinari has taken the trouble of providing cross references, especially to topics or issues that continued to preoccupy Tasso throughout the correspondence: for example, the poem's unity and, relatedly, the legitimacy of various episodes; history vs.