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transfer of pollen from the anther to the stigma of a plant

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But according to the UK Register of Organic Food Standards, even if cross pollination took place, it would not mean that Ryton's organic status would have to be withdrawn.
The husband and wife team that runs the Shortwood Organic Farm near Hereford are worried that cross pollination from the genetically modified maize being grown at Rosemaund Farm will contaminate their crops.
It is also recommended that papayas be planted in clumps of three to five trees, since they can be either male or female (or hermaphroditic), and cross pollination is needed in order to ensure a crop.
Through the peer interaction at SHARE, DGTIC personnel greatly benefited from the cross pollination of ideas and technologies.
It is almost biologically impossible for something to be GM-free because of cross contamination or cross pollination by birds, bees or whatever," he told Norwich Crown Court.
We look forward to further cross pollination in the future.
The report says that contrary to industry recommended isolation distances "oil seed rape presents a high risk for cross pollination between source and recipient fields".
His past experience includes a cross pollination of industries, including technology, entertainment and sports.