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a lively or heated interchange of ideas and opinions

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fire from two or more points so that the lines of fire cross

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Cross Fire 2 is the sequel of Cross Fire, a blockbuster first-person-shooter PC online game in China.
Firefighter Cliff Page, from Haden Cross Fire Station, said: "The Vauxhall had in fact mounted the parked Ford.
PANEL'S FINAL ACT: Chairman of Kirklees Fire Prevention Panel David Schofield, left, and secretary Richard Doyle, right, hand cheques to Jason Costello, second left, of the Forget Me Not Hospice and Norman Brickley, centre, and Joe Doyle, of the British Red Cross Fire and Emergency Support Service (AC081111Dforg-02)
Rhys is caught in gangland cross fire and his killer is given a minimum of 22 years.
THE man who chaired the inquiry into the King's Cross fire disaster - which happened 20 years ago yesterday - has expressed concern that emergency services are still unable to communicate underground.
Saturday on land untouched by the Cross Fire last month and the enormous Foothill Fire two years ago.
And the public will struggle to understand how, 18 years after the King's Cross fire, radios still do not operate underground.
Writing about Robert Morris's Mirrored Cubes, 1965, Rosalind Krauss observes that the viewer is "trapped in the cross fire of the mutual reflections set up by the surfaces of the four facing blocks .
RELATIVES of the Scot identified as the final victim of the King's Cross fire could be in line for pounds 50,000 compensation.
THE BRITISH Red Cross fire victim support service will be at the Town and Country Festival this weekend in a recruitment drive.
Scotland Yard's move to overturn the original open verdict, returned after an inquest in May 1981, was backed by Attorney General Lord Goldsmith QC and the Home Office, and supported by the current coroner for the Inner South District of Greater London, Selena Lynch, and by the New Cross Fire Parents Committee.
The Seals were suddenly shot at from the direction of the women and children, "trapping them in the cross fire.
The Red Cross Fire Victim Support Unit attended to provide temporary shelter and help for the residents.
You can't have a cross fire of opinion if one side isn't even on the field.