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moderately sweet raised roll containing spices and raisins and citron and decorated with a cross-shaped sugar glaze


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Hot Cross buns, once saved for Good Friday, are now eaten throughout Lent.
The 'Posh' cross buns are made with indulgently sweet and rich brioche buns.
The store said: "Jimmy's method of making Asda's hot cross buns is a meticulous process of moulding the buns, perfecting the cross, then glazing and baking them for a precise time.
SERVES 4 Preparation time: 15 minutes Cooking time: 30 minutes Ingredients 4 hot cross buns 15g unsalted butter 320ml double cream 100ml whole milk 2 eggs & 1 egg yolk 100g Rachel's Greek Style Natural Yogurt 1 tsp demerara sugar scatter broken into the mix.
For my Easter scientific drinks experiment, I've ripped up hot cross buns, snapped chocolate, clinked ice and whirled red wines in a glass.
This is a great way to use up leftover hot cross buns and Easter eggs and makes for an indulgent, comforting pud.
Another Easter tradition is hot cross buns, an English treat immortalized in the street call of "One-a-penny, two-a-penny, hot cross buns
Project :Heston's Earl Grey and mandarin hot cross buns
And, of course, there were also plenty of hot cross buns too - with bakers Mike Goddard, Gerhard Patzer and Pater Inger making a massive 12lb bun in 1976.