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Synonyms for crossbreed

(genetics) an organism that is the offspring of genetically dissimilar parents or stock

breed animals or plants using parents of different races and varieties

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The GADVASU dairy farm established under a government-funded Cross Breeding project has a herd of crossbred cows with an average lactation yield of 5,877 kg.
What are the ramifications for wildlife of cross breeding species and creating animals such as tie "zone" (horse and zebra mix) and the "beefalo" (cow and buffalo)?
Prof Hansen feels cross breeding is not genetic improvement: the continuous use of top progeny tested AI sires is what brings that about.
Welsh dairy farmers can find out this month how they can gain production and welfare benefits from cross breeding their Holstein cows.
It is feared that cross breeding could occur and weedy relatives could acquire herbicide tolerance from the GE crop and thus result in unmanageable weeds.
Floribundas are the result of cross breeding between hybrid tea and polyantha roses.