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Synonyms for crossroads

a community of people smaller than a village


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a crisis situation or point in time when a critical decision must be made

a point where a choice must be made

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The month-long campaign will educate motorists about the importance of giving priority to pedestrians to cross roads, and to reduce speed in areas frequented by pedestrians, especially along internal roads in residential areas.
Eleven people have died in the first three months of this year while trying to cross roads from unauthorised places, according to Dubai Police.
Sharjah: Sharjah police have identified jaywalking as a serious issue and launched an inspection campaign targeting pedestrians who cross roads from non-designated areas.
Almost a third of pedestrians are distracted, including by mobile phones or other electronic devices, when they cross roads, putting them at greater potential risk of being involved in an accident, researchers found.
They should also respect traffic lights when they want to cross roads and walk on pavements.
uk KIRKLEES Council bin men not allowed to cross the road because of health and safety rules: leahjoanne: "Gone are the days when a bin man was allowed to hoist the bin on to his shoulder, manually empty it, cross roads, collect bin bags that weren't in a bin, or even pick up rubbish from the road when he sees it.
Cull Bulls: Ov av pounds 1045 pounds 1285 Messrs Price, Esgereinon, Llanwenog, Llanybydder pounds 985 Messrs Davies, Rhydygors, Talog, Carmarthen pounds 865 Mr Rees, Tafarnscawen, Plwmp, Llandysul Over Age Heifers: pounds 975, pounds 770, pounds 730 Mr Griffiths, Blaenhoffnant Uchaf, Brynhoffnant pounds 700, pounds 690, pounds 640 Messrs James, Cross Roads, Henllan, Llandysul Feeding Bull: pounds 468 Messrs James, Cross Roads, Henllan Stock Bull: pounds 1120 (Lim) Mr Davies, Llwynhenwas, Cross Inn Cow & Calf: pounds 960 Mr James, Cross Roads, Henllan Dairy Cows: ov av pounds 883.
Cross Roads Subaru, a Warwickshire-based dealer, has received an Automotive Management magazine award at Birmingham's ICC.
Most of the pedestrians cross roads while running through the traffic which create hurdle for the motorists.
Charity chief executive Vivienne Michael said: "We are increasingly concerned about young people who cross roads whilst listening to MP3 players, and who aren't able to hear what's coming.
Children should be able to cross roads safely rather than ending up running for their lives.
The Cross Roads Quartet and the Crimson River Quartet will perform in the Gospelfest concert at 6 p.
As the salamanders cross roads, many are flattened by night traffic.
McKayle's swinging Cross Roads is less audacious than Siegenfeld's If Winter, which is little more than a musical visualization of what happens when the seasons change.
Just like chickens, deer cross roads to get to the other side.