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a staff surmounted by a crook or cross carried by bishops as a symbol of pastoral office


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That was the experience of Sheryl and Scott Crosier, who lost their infant son, Simon, six years ago.
Currently, the American Crosiers have five candidates in various stages of the community discernment process, three from Mexico (a "welcome surprise" they never purposefully sought) and two from the United States, Donnay said.
Hayden's first task--not as simple as it might sound--is to define who the Crosiers were.
Bare limbs and briars, the crosiers of weeds Burred with their small
The design of the plate returned to the pre-Reformation jewelled and enamelled chalices, ciboria, crosiers and altar crosses.
It features some bishops with their pointy little mitres, some with their crosiers in a long queue to the dining hall.
I'm all for Christian leaders flexing their muscles, whirling their crosiers around their heads and maybe sharpening their mitres as bayonets.
The Armstrongs, Elliots, and Crosiers attacked the castle in 1541, stealing nine horses, pounds 40, and badly damaging the building.
The Crosiers rejected that dehumanizing approach and worked against a staff that continued to tell them there was nothing they could do for Simon.
As part of the settlement, the Crosiers agreed to disclose names of other former clerics still alive who had "credible allegations" of sexual abuse made against them.
As Keeper of the district, he apprehended one of the Crosiers, a Border raiding family.