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a staff surmounted by a crook or cross carried by bishops as a symbol of pastoral office


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Of the surviving Reformation plate are Bishop Fox's gold and enamel chalice and paten, 1507, and his magnificent silver, gilt and enamel crosier, c1500, with the finely modelled figures of the 12 apostles and the figure of St Peter in the crook.
We regret that wrongs were committed in the past and we are deeply sorry for the pain and suffering some Crosiers have caused sexual misconduct survivors and their families," said the Rev.
As promised at the launch of the investigation, the Crosiers have taken every action warranted by its findings.
As a result of the investigation, the Crosiers have adopted a strengthened sexual misconduct policy, based upon the principles in the statement adopted by the Conference of Major Superiors of Men regarding sexual abuse of minors.
A feud developed, and the Crosiers called for help from their allies the Halls, who lived at Girsonfield, near Otterburn.
When five Crosiers arrived, Reed pleaded unsuccessfully to the Halls for help and without weapons or horse, he says: "I can neither fight nor flee".
The result was that even though most of the individual Crosiers remain only a name, I learned a fair bit about their neighbours and supporters, as well as what the Crosiers read.
Though the former neighbours now had a better address, they often kept contact with the Crosiers because family members were buried in their monastery, and they had arranged for masses to be said each year for these ancestors.
The Polish bishops broke their crosiers on the September elections.
The United States Province of the international Roman Catholic order, The Crosier Fathers and Brothers (osc), announced today that it has begun a comprehensive independent investigation of all past and present allegations of sexual misconduct against its members.
All files relating to allegations of sexual misconduct as well as the personnel files of any Crosier priest, brother or employee named in a sexual misconduct allegation have been turned over to Faegre & Benson.