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minced cooked meats (or vegetables) in thick white sauce

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The ingredients were mixed, moulded into croquettes and fried until golden brown.
Ingredients: 165g Butter 225g Flour 1400ml Milk Juice of 1 Lemon 175g of Grated Parmesan 450g of Blue Cheese 180g of Corn Flour Salt and Pepper Pane ingredients - Egg, flour and breadcrumbs (preferably Panko) BLUE CHEESE CROQUETTES Method 1.
He too went for fried chicken and croquettes in his final meal, but ate his with ketchup - and also nachos, a banana pudding and two fizzy drinks.
The croquettes were made the traditional way with butter and flour with milk (others use creamed potato).
Drain really well and pat dry with kitchen paper (it's important to do this thoroughly as excess water will make the croquettes a little wet).
Paul Maders, executive chef at the British Oak and Dark Horse, has devised the small plates tapas style menu that also includes goats cheese croquettes, tea smoked duck breast and sardines.
As part of the inaugural festival this week, the restaurant has put together a brilliant menu showcasing the best of what they have to offer starting with a platter of Coxinha - a scrumptious Brazilian variety of chicken croquettes, PEuo de queijo (Portuguese for cheese bread), fried bananas and quinoa salad, a Peruvian and a South American favourite.
uk Mother's Little Helper These delicious Haggis, Neeps and Tatties Croquettes from M&S are as you'd expect, superb.
95) which is served with mini smoked pancetta and rosemary croquettes, fresh blackberries and pea shoots - all dressed with blueberry jus.
I immediately turn to my Spanish translator, looking to confirm that croquetas actually do mean croquettes and that our host-dad isn't kidding.
The Croquettes de Poulet (Chicken croquette with lemon, mayonnaise, herb sauce) and Croquettes de Hamour Brandade (Fried hammour croquettes served with tartar sauce) were very palatable and filling.
Mac n Cheese Croquettes are delicious, transforming a classic dish into an on trend bar snack or children's menu item; flawless when smothered in Bloody Mary Ketchup.
All products in the range, from the meat croquettes to the cheese dippers, use the patented Crisp Sensation technology and are characterized by outstanding crispiness that matches deep-fry coatings and is unparalleled by other oven baked snacks.