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Synonyms for sprayer

a worker who applies spray to a surface

a dispenser that turns a liquid (such as perfume) into a fine mist

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The 15th century Bidford Bridge was damaged by a crop sprayer on June 9 |
pounds 470 Krone KR125 round baler, pounds 460 PZ 300 haybob, pounds 460 PZ haybob, pounds 450 International 474 2wd tractor, pounds 450 Kidd Clipper 240-2c mower, pounds 450 Opico 280 grain dryer, pounds 450 Richardson horsebox, pounds 440 Grays multi harrow, pounds 440 Hardi crop sprayer, pounds 440 Fahr KM22 mower, pounds 440 John Deere ride on mower, pounds 430 Twin axle car trailer, pounds 420 ABT bale wrapper, pounds 410 IAE turning crate, pounds 410 IAE calf creep, pounds 410 Bale trailer, pounds 400 Grays multi harrow, pounds 400 Lawrence Edwards bale wrapper, pounds 400 Land drive lime spreader, pounds 400 Twin axle brash trailer.
Except in North Warwickshire, it seems, where a local farmer tells me that the bug brought his crop sprayer to a resounding halt on the appointed date - a fact confirmed by the manufacturers.
Australian innovative agri-business company TooleyTech Pty Ltd (TooleyTech LLC) has launched its world-acclaimed ZeferSpray[TM] the world's most efficient and effective crop sprayer.
I've had the farm three years now, and I mainly drive the 24-metre crop sprayer.
Muscatine, Iowa, from taking a new crop sprayer product to market.
Tanker, pounds 420 Ifor Williams Car Trailer, pounds 410 Bucket Yard Brush, pounds 400 Hardi Crop Sprayer, pounds 390 Ifor Williams Livestock Trailer, pounds 380 & pounds 350 Hen Houses, pounds 350 Car Trailer, pounds 340 Mitsubishi Shogun, pounds 320 Platform Crate, Vauxhall Astra, pounds 310 Dog Kennel, pounds 300 Dual Wheels, Parmitter Bale Unwinder.
Crowe said children in the affected countries are "deeply distressed from having seen things that even adults find difficult to understand; people in astronaut suits, looking like crop sprayers, coming to take sick people away, or their parents even worse; so you have that deep psychological impact.
measurement device allocation and individual nozzle spray angle (item 1), 6 scanning device for measuring liquid distribution in crop sprayers (one piece).
Mr White said: "All crop sprayers will need to be tested before November 26 2016 and thereafter at regular intervals, initially once every five years and then once every three years after 2020.
Through its two divisions, Great Plains and Land Pride, the company produces seed planting equipment, tillage equipment, crop sprayers, finish mowers, zero turn mowers, ultra terrain vehicles, rotary tillers and cutters, landscape seeding equipment and a number of dirt-working implements.