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a disease of infants and young children

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the part of an animal that corresponds to the human buttocks

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Croop and colleagues (1995) studied the effects of naltrexone in more than 500 alcohol-dependent patients, including a large percentage of dually diagnosed patients simultaneously receiving medications for other comorbid mental disorders.
To finally bring the issue around to humans, Odenwald and Zhang cite work by James Croop of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, who has found a gene in people that bears some similarity to the fruit fly's white gene.
Croop, Director, Corporate Communications, Ambient, +1-617-614-6739, acroop@ambientcorp.
Tests have now started on Croop Hill cemetery, which is also owned by the council.
the leading provider of sentiment and text analytics software implemented by many Fortune 1000 companies to improve customer experience management (CEM), today announced CEO Sid Banerjee and Trevor Croop of Gaylord Entertainment will co-present a session titled, "Text and Sentiment analytics: Transforming call center, social media and survey data in customer intelligence.
Croop, Director, Corporate Communications of Ambient Corporation, +1-617-614-6739, acroop@ambientcorp.