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a singer of popular ballads

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Evans played one night, and fellow crooner Michael Buble' played the other.
Tam's new series is a follow-up to a show he did for Radio Scotland two years ago - Cowan's Crooners - where he got to play his favourite crooning tracks to the Scottish public in an attempt to re-educate people about the old school artistes.
LOS ANGELES -- Crooner Brian Evans, fresh off multiple opening act dates with both Jay Leno and Joan Rivers, will perform on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles.
4) Crawford, 53, has channeled his love of '20s and '30s music into Johnny Crawford's Dance Orchestra, becoming one of the premier society crooners and orchestra leaders in Los Angeles.
What will separate me from the other new crooners is the fact that I've both lived the material, and I can write.
But despite a massive pay cut, Voltaggio has managed to make a living with gigs at local clubs, including Cinegrill and Gardenia Restaurant and Lounge, where he sings tunes by Nat ``King'' Cole, Frank Sinatra and other crooners.
Evans, born in Haverhill, Massachusetts, began his career as one of the new crooners in Los Angeles performing at such venues as The Roxy on the Sunset Strip.
Nina resists him for a very short while, then they're off and running in some super-smooth sex scenes of the kind r&b crooners are always going on about.
Brian Evans, considered by many critics to be one of the more relevant crooners among the likes of Norah Jones and Peter Cincotti (according to a recent Knight Ridder article), will hit 18,000 movie theatres across the United States on November 6th when his original song "YOU" is featured among a MovieTunes compilation CD that will include the likes of Whitney Houston.
Evans was featured in a recent Knight Ridder news article naming him as one of this generations more prominent new crooners that include Norah Jones and Peter Cincotti.
This will make Brian Evans the only crooner of the standards performing in a showroom in 2000 in a city once roamed by all the great crooners of the past.