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English chemist and physicist

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After Williamson hit him back, Crookes reportedly followed the two women into the street and gave White a black eye after she reprimanded him for hitting a woman.
Crookes and his lawyer contacted Newton to ask him to remove the hyperlinks, but Newton refused to take them down.
Kearney's long-range break was ended by a brilliant cover tackle from Josh Hodgson, but with the home defence stretched, smart passes from John Bateman and Keith Lulia sent Jason Crookes over out wide.
Crookes juggled a difficult pass from Keith Lulia (who himself added a last-gasp try) to cross in the corner for his hat-trick as Bradford ran in 28 unanswered points.
Crookes has been with the Bank since 1983 and now he is playing the role of Director, Regional Integration in the Africa Region.
Nigel Crookes is Strategic Development Director at the Benson Group.
Marine Crookes, of Wall Well, Halesowen, had been using a specialist metal detector to locate roadside bombs in Helmand Province when he was struck by an improvised explosive device (IED) in July 2010.
More than 1,000 people attended the ceremony at St John's Church in Halesowen, West Midlands, and lined the surrounding streets to pay their respects to Marine Crookes.
Yesterday, Mr Crookes, 35, the RNLI Divisional Inspector of Lifeboats in Scotland, told the inquiry the charity's main remit was saving lives at sea and Loch Ness was the only inshore watercourse in Scotland covered by an RNLI boat.
After the holiday wicked Crookes stayed in touch with the family and sent the kids letters and cards as well as visiting their home twice in 2007 and once last June.
Crookes, who leaves today for Australia with the England academy squad, has yet to play for the Bradford first team but will remain at the Grattan Stadium until the end of the 2011 season.
On shelf from this moth, The Crookes Healthcare brand's new variant will promise users to deliver visibly clearer skin in just three days.
The Hawaiian bobtail squid has an organ in its belly that works like a flashlight, says Wendy Crookes, a biologist at the University of Hawaii.
But nobody could figure out what the agent was that was helping these animals become reflective," says Wendy Crookes at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.
Only Part Three of this slim volume, however, is devoted to Home and his phenomena; the rest of the book is an attempt to discredit William Crookes as the principal witness whose experiments with Home in his own laboratory was "the only scientific study of spiritualism that concluded that such phenomena were genuine" [author's emphasis].