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(Greek mythology) the supreme god until Zeus dethroned him

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The three of them thus navigate towards the Island of Kail to seek advice from the "Fallen" god Hephaestus on how to enter Tartarus and help Zeus escape before Cronos absorbs all of his power/vital strength.
As part of the overall transaction, Cronos has purchased additional container assets, which increases the size of its owned assets to $1 billion.
Cronos group comprises Centre de Gestion Financiere et Contentieux SAS and its wholly owned subsidiary CRVM SAS.
It currently holds a worldwide exclusive license for Nucleosomics, the early stage oncology diagnostics technology, and has majority stakes in Cronos Ltd and ValiBIO SA (Belgium).
The Cronos machine, as with all machinery from Tecnovac, can also carry out modified atmosphere tray sealing for extended shelf life.
One of the original death-metal bands, Venom were formed by Cronos, aka Conrad Lant, on bass and vocals, Mantas, aka Geoff Dunn, on guitar, and Tony Bray on drums, in 1980.
MetaPartners has provided real estate services for high tech/biotech companies such as Global Knowledge, Trimeris, Nitronex, Silicon Wireless, Zoom Culture, nTouch Research, Labcorp, SdQuest, Cronos Integrated Microsystems and many more.
La cinta a la que me refiero es Blade II, la cuarta obra de largometraje del joven cineasta tapatio Guillermo del Toro, quien habia debutado con la muy interesante Cronos (o La invencion de Cronos) hecha en 1993, con la que llamo fuertemente la atencion.
Fisher Controls Regulator Division of Emerson Process Management has introduced the Cronos Series natural gas regulator to North America.
This RF frequency-agile filter using microelectromechanical system (MEMS) relays supplied by Cronos Integrated Microsystems Inc.
JDS Uniphase of Neapean, Ontario, will buy Cronos Integrated Microsystems, San Jose, Calif.
announced that it agreed to acquire closely held Cronos Integrated Microsystems Inc.
The mieroarray, designated CRL-10A5D24, combines 10 individual Cronos microrelays, fabricated using the company's proprietary 3D-MEMS technology.
The microarray, designated CRL10A5D24, combines 10 individual Cronos microrelays, fabricated using the company's proprietary 3D-MEMS technology.
Cronus or Cronos or KronosIn ancient Greek mythology, a male deity who was worshiped by the pre-Hellenic population of Greece but probably was not widely worshiped by the Greeks themselves; he was later identified with the Roman god Saturn.