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favoritism shown to friends and associates (as by appointing them to positions without regard for their qualifications)

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Sadly for Wendy, it is painfully obvious that all croneyism produces is cronies.
Senior social worker Julie has been off work with stress for nine months after being named in a damning council report into croneyism and mystery payments.
We are also asked to believe the EU is now in a position to expand its membership into Eastern Europe even though the great scandal of corruption, croneyism, waste and mismanagement by the Commission has scarcely even been addressed, let alone resolved.
We live in a country rotting from within thanks to New Labour croneyism.
But SNP leader John Swinney warned: "I hope there will be no whiff of croneyism among the people he is bringing in.
All these departures from the usual Euro-conventions of croneyism and back-scratching might be improvements but they are unlikely to tackle the central problem which is, to coin a phrase, the EU's institutionalised corruption.
The second lesson is to end rule by croneyism, the PM listening too closely to a small group of aides.
The good news is that early yesterday morning Jacques Santer, Edith Cresson and the whole corrupt Eurocracy resigned amid allegations of fraud, corruption, croneyism and sheer managerial incompetence.
Let's not trivialise the real issues at stake here - the croneyism that exists at the core of this government.