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English general and statesman who led the parliamentary army in the English Civil War (1599-1658)

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More than a decade of exile had followed for these churchmen, during which time the Cromwellian government ruled the church and the true king, the church's governor, traipsed helplessly across Europe.
Bottigheimer's interest in the Cromwellian settlement is recalled by Toby Bernard in his essay on the Waring family, who were beneficiaries.
And third, the civil war, regicide, and new Cromwellian government posed a series of casuistical dilemmas involving the subject's allegiance to the sovereign that echoed debates about political contract and the marriage contract.
Birth of Churchill (November 30, 1874) 146 votes Cromwellian republic established (May 19, 1649) 95 votes
There had been earlier such surveys in Ireland, of course, such as those commissioned by the Crown which sought to determine the value of properties belonging to landowners who had profited from the Williamite wars, just as there had been similar, and still earlier, undertakings in the seventeenth century relating to lands which had been seized and given to Cromwellian allies.
At first the Royalists held the castle against strong opposition from townsfolk favouring the Cromwellian cause.
In this well written and deeply researched book, Dr Davies examines the sect's first seventy years, from the topsy-turvy world of Cromwellian England to that of George I.
In the last essay, Norah Carlin examines Cromwellian justifications for the invasion of Ireland.
Gardai believe the thieves had staked-out the house before breaking in to steal seven large paintings and a Cromwellian soldier valued at close to pounds 100,000.
The dedicated, puritanical Cromwellian image of Bible and sword which some saw in him was not without substance.
Many, however, eventually compromised with the Cromwellian regime and thus had guilt of their own to expiate.
The mother of Thomas Davis was Mary Atkins of Mallow whose ancestry included a Cromwellian family and the clan of Murtagh O'Sullivan Beare.
Later Elizabeth (Ruth Wells) herself arrived, a spirited young women who unfortunately for the nascent republic, inherited the Cromwellian political savvy and courage that her brother Richard, the heir, did not.
He said: "Up until 1886 this North Kerry town was called Newtownsandes after its Cromwellian proprietor.