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English general and statesman who led the parliamentary army in the English Civil War (1599-1658)

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Everett is perhaps at his boldest in disputing Cromwell's religious radicalism and at his shakiest in dismissing Cromwell's Machiavellianism.
Cromwell's attempts to evade responsibility in this brutal crime, and thank the attorney general's office for diligently defending his conviction and sentence," Hasselman said.
Everett, a visiting fellow at the University of Southampton, begins his study of Cromwell's life in the 1520s, sketching out his early career as a London lawyer and merchant.
Grainger plans to integrate its expertise in supply chain and eCommerce with Cromwell's product strength and customer relationships to accelerate growth in the core business.
11) In The World's Mistake in Oliver Cromwell, the republican Slingsby Bethel, a merchant in Hanseatic Hamburg in Cromwell's time, blamed 'idolatry' towards the Protector's memory as the main source of error about Cromwellian foreign policy.
Cromwell's portfolio is huge, but one of its specialties is health care, and "health care is pretty stable," Penix says.
After Cromwell's death, Charles II was invited back to England from exile to much public acclaim and the monarchy was restored in 1660 and backdated to 1649.
Cromwell's most notorious act was the massacre of the 2,000-strong Royalist garrison at Drogheda in 1649.
Cromwell's fortunes were closely tied with the muchmarried king's second wife, Ann Boleyn, Queen of England from 1533 to 1536 who was subsequently beheaded.
Mantel] has no truck with the feminised Tudor history denounced by David Starkey, but sticks firmly to her agenda--male point-of-view, Cromwell's point-of-view, a political point-of-view, with no lust in the Tudor shrubbery.
For students of the era, Cromwell's story was familiar--the commoner who rose to advise and control access to the king, the henchman who did the king's bidding, the closet Protestant who sent the Catholic Sir Thomas More to the executioner for blocking the king's divorce and remarriage to Anne Boleyn.
A LEATHER jug made from the skin of Oliver Cromwell's war horse has emerged after 350 years.
He moved to Putney and married Thomas Cromwell's sister Katherine.
Cromwell's advance to the peak of power in Tudor society could have been the inspiration for the O'Henry model of rags-to-riches morality.
How Cromwell managed to do the unthinkable is captured in Hillary Mantel's 2009 Man Booker Prize-winning book Wolf Hall, a blow-by-blow account of Cromwell's ascent in the king's court (where 'man is wolf to man').