Crohn's disease

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a serious chronic and progressive inflammation of the ileum producing frequent bouts of diarrhea with abdominal pain and nausea and fever and weight loss

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In Crohn's colitis, hypertrophy of the muscularis mucosa is also found but, in contradistinction to UC, the entire bowel wall is inflamed and areas of fibrosis extend to the serosa.
Patients with inflammatory bowel disease, chronic ulcerative colitis, and Crohn's colitis should receive colonoscopy with biopsies for dysplasia every 1-2 years beginning about 8 years after the onset of pancolitis or 12-15 years after the onset of left-sided colitis.
The Cure Crohn's Colitis (C3) charity will be officially launched at the Scottish Business Insider Elite awards in Edinburgh tomorrow by Ivor Tiefenbrun.
To the Editor: The relationship between Crohn's colitis and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma is well established.
The types of lesions discovered included those associated with erosive esophagitis, duodenal ulcers, colon cancer, and Crohn's colitis, Dr.