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Mr Ewing said: I would like to offer my warmest congratulations to Mr Mackenzie in his election as a Commissioner and I am pleased that he has taken up the appointment of Convenor of the Crofting Commissions Board.
It gave crofting communities the right to buy their own land.
Powell's film, beautifully restored by the British Film Institute, is the story of two clans torn apart in a tiny Scottish Isles crofting community.
lRichard Fox will have his first ride in the royal colours when he partners Maroon's stablemate Crofting in the ten-furlong heat at Newcastle tomorrow.
Probably the best and most cohesive chapter deals with emigration from the Highlands, mainly from the Hebrides, the scene of many of the nastiest clearances of the nineteenth century and subsequently the centre of crofting agitation and reform.
As a result, low-productivity people stay put in their low-productivity jobs[ldots]growing artichokes in Brittany, crofting in Norway, or raising pigs in the high passes of the Swiss Alps.
We are lucky in that our income is so low it is supplemented by the state-- crofting is subsidized--and we don't have to pay for health care.
The former clan members were reformed into a crofting community -- a population of only partly subsistence farmers who would pay a cash rent for land allotted to them by their landowner.
Their spokesman added: "Significant amounts of further research, development and investment in vehicles and infrastructure is needed before Scottish farming, crofting and rural communities would be ready to accept the suggested seismic shift in legislation.
I am determined to help people live in crofting areas, where there are often few opportunities and the Croft House Grant has proved successful in doing just that.
Under crofting law, it is common grazing for nearby crofts.
Sea walls erected to protect the beaches of Scotland's Western Isles may be putting at risk the islands' ancient crofting way of life, according to research published in Geology.
The traditional, thatched crofting houses were restored after the last remaining residents of Gearrannan were moved out in 1974.
The programme, to be shown next month, will reveal their part in the Clearances, which saw tenant crofting families forced off land to make way for animals.
Parliamentarians have been raking in extra cash doing everything from advising drinks firms to crofting, according to research by the Sunday Telegraph.