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an owner or tenant of a small farm in Great Britain

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Amongst responses to the consultation was support for reintroducing a loan scheme to help crofters build or improve their homes.
The site of the Crofters Lodge pub just yards from Kenton School |
In the first place, Sturgeon could double the financial support for crofter housing and widen the scheme to give a boost to remote villages.
The court heard the purpose of the house grants scheme is for "the retention of population in the crofting areas and the provision of assistance to crofters to enable them to build a house on their croft in order to be able to live on and work on the croft.
As the way things stand at the moment, half would go to Mr Lomas and half would go to the collective crofters, tenants of small farms on the estate.
Earlier this year, Sir Tim offered the 36 crofters on the estate 10,000 acres for "a nominal sum" said to be pounds 5 an acre.
THREE well worked goals took Country Park Reds into the quarter finals of the under-10 Walton Cup at the expense of Crofters.
Charges of promiscuity ranged from "You have been rode by all Cheltenham" to "All the crofters at Dunstead have shag'd thee.
Misalignment of supply and demand in the sheep sector is illustrated by the plight of Western Isles crofters, whose light lambs failed to find buyers last season and are again "virtually unmarketable" as stores according to Bill Sourer, manager of auctioneer and slaughterer ANM Group's subsidiary H&I Livestock.
Following Culloden the clans that had supported the Jacobite cause were brutally suppressed and there were ruthless `clearances' of crofters to make way for sheep.
For much of the 140-odd years after Culloden, crofters of the west Highlands and islands, among whom the Gaelic language and old clan loyalties tended to be the strongest, were represented by travelers as a naturalistic people endowed with Edenic intuition and a prelapsarian social unity.
Crofters and Habitants: Settler Society, Economy, and Culture in a Quebec Township, 1848-1881.
Prior Information Notice: The Scottish Government, under the Scottish Rural Development Programme, is looking to procure a contractor to deliver a national one to many farm advisory service that incorporates an one to one advisory service for crofters and small farms and a dedicated help facility.
Crofters are eligible for a grant of PS22,000 to build a house on their crofts.