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an owner or tenant of a small farm in Great Britain

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Indeed more than three quarters of farmers and crofters benefited from submitting their SAF online last year, allowing for their application to be validated straightaway.
Eligible hill farmers and crofters will be offered a loan of up to 90% of their LFASS entitlement, with payments beginning in April.
Through our loans scheme, payments totalling over PS311 million have now been processed to 13,295 farmers and crofters, offering more money than ever before and at an earlier time.
On April 25, the SNP Government gave PS1million to crofters to improve housing in rural areas.
The site of the Crofters Lodge pub just yards from Kenton School |
The court heard the purpose of the house grants scheme is for "the retention of population in the crofting areas and the provision of assistance to crofters to enable them to build a house on their croft in order to be able to live on and work on the croft.
Brockway Carpets is helping to sustain Shetland Island crofters
The attacks happened in Gairloch, Skye and Mull in the Highlands and Skye crofters labelled the eagles "winged vermin", claiming they are "wiping out" sheep.
CROFTERS on a remote Scottish island will tonight be voting on whether to attempt a buy-out of their community, which is owned by a Leamington accountant.
The demonstration at Huyton, also starting at 11am,is believed to be as follows: Twickenham Drive, outside The Crofters Pub,driving in convoy at slow speeds down Archway Road, Poplar Bank, Huyton Bus Station, Lathom Road, Archway Road, Poplar Bank and continuing for up to one hour.
The protest armada crewed by crofters and fishermen blocked access to a new fish farm at Little Loch Broom, near Ullapool, where Sir Tim and Lady Jane own the 33,000-acre Dundonnell Estate, which they bought for pounds 2 million five years ago.
THREE well worked goals took Country Park Reds into the quarter finals of the under-10 Walton Cup at the expense of Crofters.