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a clip with a spring that closes the metal jaws


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It is also smaller and lighter than many equivalents and is available in two versions - connecting with traditional crocodile clips or via an Anderson Plug, used in the racing world.
He attached crocodile clips to the headlamp wires and then attached the wires to the batteries.
Plug it into your computer, and attach the circuit board section to household objects using the crocodile clips.
All you need is the kit,some crocodile clips and an assortment of objects.
All you need is the kit, some crocodile clips and an assortment of objects.
The accessory is attached to the battery via crocodile clips (or eyelets for a more permanent connection) and has three coloured LED lights, each indicating the current charges status of the battery.
A number of other vendors have contributed to the project, with interactive white boards from KETAB, school and learning management solutions from Binary Works, e-content from Semanoor and Crocodile Clips virtual lab software from MGD.
A transmitter is connected using crocodile clips between two phases, or between a neutral phase downstream from the point of interest.
In this particular escape, Dooley is tethered to long pieces of string and on the other end are crocodile clips clamped on to Jonathan's nipples.
The 10-piece multimeter kit includes test leads, two modular probe sets, crocodile clips and sprung hooks.
All you need is the kit, some crocodile clips and an assortment of objects that can conduct a slight electrical current and the world is your control surface.
But I'm free to say this and run precious little risk of being locked up indefinitely in the presence of a sadistic person with some crocodile clips and a 12-volt battery.
The victim told the court Podmore had attached crocodile clips to her breasts.
He then attached crocodile clips at each point, connected by a longer wire.
Tenders are invited for Set Of Test Probes 4Sq Mm Multistrand Copper Cable Of 1Metre Length With Suitable Socket Pins At One End And Crocodile Clips At Other End Suitable For Digital Motor Checker.