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a musical note having the time value of an eighth of a whole note


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Based on old drilling, and recent stripping the Main Midrim, Midrim West and Lac Croche zones have a combined strike length of more than 450 metres.
However, she decided to go down the eco-friendly route after Ms Croche told her about the three-wheel versions that were used in Holland.
We have few resources to signpost these families toward, but we are looking to set up an international mums' group with Sure Start, with access to English language classes and a croche, to be operational by September 2008.
There were 180 Ottawa braves at Michilimackinac, who moved with their families to L'Arbre Croche in 1742.
THE trademark Velcro comes from the French words velours (velvet) and croche (hooked).
5 g/t platinum and palladium) within the north limb of a folded gabbro sequence which appears to be the same horizon hosting the Lac Croche mineralization located 700 metres to the northeast.
The revamped facility in De Croche Place, Cardiff, will see around 100 train operators from Network Rail and Arriva Trains Wales work under the same roof.
Steven Curtis, 34, of De Croche Place, Cardiff, pleaded guilty to possession and supply of cannabis.
pour Monsieur Croche et orchestre, is the only work with a text or a vocal performer.
He also visited the Ottawa at L'Arbre Croche, finding approximately 1,300 Indians living there.
The clustering of the airborne EM conductors within the most dominant northwest-southeast structural corridor may indicate a series of sulphide bodies similar to the Alotta, Midrim, Lac Croche and Patry nickel-copper-PGM mineralized zones.
devant le merveilleux et les agencements du merveilleux qui, par exemple, nous mettent ici en face de l'idee d'un bateau qui surgit de la mer et d'un adversaire qui disparait comme il est arrive, de l'idee de chercher dans tous les livres qu'il y a au monde, de nourrir un aigle pour traverser la mer, y compris parfois avec un bout de sa propre fesse, du fait que trois soeurs se changent en trois canards, qu'une alliee puisse etre mise au chaudron pour que de ses os on fasse une echelle avec laquelle aller chercher une boule au bout d'un mat, que de ces os se reconstitue une princesse, sauf le petit doigt reste croche d'un os mal place qui permettra de la reconnaitre, qu'un pere se transforme en nuee noire, une mere en pie, un couple en servants de messe.
It is probable, however, that most if not all of the prisoners would have been killed were it not for the intercession of the Ottawa Indians from L'Arbre Croche.
A deep electromagnetic conductor was discovered north of the Lac Croche Zone and has been identified as the Geoffroy Zone.
Figure 17c gives the tempo equivalence as an editorial rephrasing of the sources' wordy "Une double croche pour une croche du Mt.