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a republic in the western Balkans in south-central Europe in the eastern Adriatic coastal area

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COMEBACK KING: Croatia star Eduardo FORMER Arsenal star Eduardo admits that just being at Euro 2012 is a victory in itself.
This future accession of Croatia brings new momentum to the European vocation of the countries in the Western Balkans," declared in turn European Council President Herman Van Rompuy.
What is most important, I think we can say now that the European Commission has recognized that Croatia has done its job," Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor told reporters.
Croatia Airlines' flights between Zagreb and Istanbul would take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.
Following the termination, Adria commenced proceedings against the Croatian Lottery in the courts in Croatia.
The lawsuit apparently focuses on the closing period of the war in 1995 when an estimated 200,000 Serbs left Croatia in the face of a military operation to retake territory from Serb fighters who controlled one-third of the country.
Thus the state of eGovernment sophistication in Croatia is behind that of European Union countries, but ahead of Western Balkans countries.
Commercial crime in Croatia has ranged from the institutional employment of kickbacks by civil servants to the more brazen and wide ranging.
Given the bitterness of the civil war and the fact that former Croatia players like Zvonimir Boban (below) used football as part of their struggle for independence, the gaffe is astonishing.
Well, let's just say most of us don't live in post-Yugoslavia (now Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia), nor Bulgaria.
The three major missions were the Army Preposition Stock II (APS II) reconfiguration at the Port of Livorno, Talamone Bay and Tombolo Dock, the 173rd Airborne Brigade redeployment from Iraq, and the Stabilization Forces (SFOR) redeployment of the 34th Infantry Division's aviation assets at the Port of Rijeka, Croatia.
That's mainly due to the fact that Croatia desperately wants to join the European Union in 2007 and reap the associated immediate economic benefits.
Marija Petkovic, founder of the Daughters of Mercy in Croatia and known for her commitment to the poor, was beatified in Dubrovnik, Croatia.
On June 5, 2003, John Paul II made his first trip in a catamaran which he boarded in Croatia to cross the strait separating the island of Krk from the mainland port of Rijeka.
at Croatia doubles, ESPN2, noon; NBA All-Star Weekend: Rookie Challenge, TNT, 1 p.