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the lean flesh of a saltwater fish caught along Atlantic coast of southern U

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Zuyev GV and VE Giragosov The reproduction biology and production characteristics of three species of croakers (sciaenidae) along the Guinea coast (Abstract), 1990.
The inclusion of White Croaker of the Pacific in this same group indicates similar strategies across widely spaced regions.
Fecundity, batch of total, is undocumented for most southern California sciaenids with the exception of white croaker and queenfish (Love et al.
Raw materials harvested by CLAINSA's fleet of nine whiting/hake and nine croaker vessels amount to about 30,000 metric tons of whiting and hake and 15,000 tons of croaker a year.
They are members of the drum family and close cousins to redfish, croaker, and black drum.
Abundant species such as queenfish exhibited low thermal thresholds (15-20[degrees]C), while spotfin croaker and barred sand bass became stressed at higher temperatures (25-30[degrees]C).
In the lab, Thomas observed similar problems when he subjected young croakers to hypoxia.
But how glorious those first few shows were as the croakers, the chokers and the nutters all lined up for the guillotine.
The state Department of Health Services recommends: No eating of white croakers,'' read the signs.
Beaches get lots of attention from shore fishers angling for croakers and snook, and from boaters in search of tarpon and permit.
An up-close and personal experience with croakers, crabs, and cranes is educational and exciting, especially to children.
There is an opportunity to relax in a chair, read a book and depart for a few hours from workaday stress - all with the possibility of catching a legal-size halibut, a tasty corbina or a medley of croakers, perch and other surf fish, including sharks, rays and skates.
Live baits that are effective are pinfish, pigfish, mullet, croakers and most any small finfish.