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extinct human of Upper Paleolithic in Europe

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And based on examination of fossilized skulls, it appears that Cro-Magnon man possessed the necessary physical equipment for speech.
MAMMOTH Cro-Magnon cave drawing, Font de Gaume (France), around 35,000 B.
They said farewell to mastodon and mammoth, sabre-toothed tiger and giant cave-bear and to your neanderthal and cro-magnon cousins who actually began all this religious mumbo-jumbo.
The Wright Brothers had made their epochal flight at Kitty Hawk just eight years before, sailing into the new space dimension that people had fantasized about since that first Cro-Magnon began to wonder how the birds did it.
The same was done with the Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon fossils.
But in the '50s, Frankenthaler took her titles from the old masters (Europa, 1957, Venus and the Mirror, 1956) and literary theory (Seven Types of Ambiguity, 1957); the Old Testament (Jacob's Ladder, 1957, Mount Sinai, 1956) and the French hostelries she stayed at while looking at art (Hotel du Quai Voltaire, 1956, reaches back to Paris and the Louvre, while Hotel Cro-Magnon, 1958, like Before the Caves, 1958, and Cave Memory, 1959, is bound up with recollections of Altamira and Lascaux).
Boris Johnson loves him - he calls him his Cro-Magnon Man," she laughed.
San Francisco) and Arbuckle (dean of the School of Art and Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York) present alphabetically arranged, cross- referenced entries on the major designers, companies, movements, materials, and events in fashion's history, which began--according to the chronology--with Cro-Magnon man's learning to protect himself from the weather by fashioning animal-skin clothes.
Some are modern, some cro-magnon, some neanderthal (but with the best intentions), and others are frankly pre-Jurassic.
Neighbors are taking turns hosting Christmas sales with items ranging from whimsical home creations such as the Cro-Magnon Croquet sets made from salvaged trees ($200) to copper jewelry and unicorn figurines to political lapel pins made from art book cutouts ($1 each).
This object originates from the first modern humans, Cro-Magnon man of the Upper Paleolithic era (40,000 to 10,000 BC).
The lines in the poem extend this metaphor to a Cro-Magnon descent into a cave where, on the walls, with cave water and mineral pigments, humankind's earliest images were made.
NORTH COUNTRY'' is the poor girl's ``Norma Rae'' (or ``Silkwood'' - take your pick), a simplistic, heavy-handed story about a coal miner's daughter who is pitted against a workplace full of Cro-Magnon gorillas who, as apes are wont to do, use their own excrement as a weapon of choice against anyone who crosses them.
Neanderthal man, and his predecessor Cro-Magnon man will also stand shoulder to shoulder, both having been expertly reconstructed for the Walking with Beasts exhibition at Thinktank, at Millennium Point.