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small black grape grown chiefly in California

dry fruity red wine from California

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It is in fact Crljenak Kastelanski from the Dalmatian coast in Croatia.
Last December, researchers at the University of California at Davis determined that Zinfandel is the same as the Croatian grape Crljenak kastelanski.
Carole Meredith was the University of California, Davis geneticist who pioneered the use of DNA typing to differentiate between Vitis Vinifera grape varieties, and is responsible for proving that Zinfandel, Primitivo and Crljenak Kastelanski are identical.
And in what many call her crowning achievement, Meredith--whose place in the wine pantheon was secured by a 2009 induction into the Vintners Hall of Fame--confirmed that Zinfandel, long claimed California's "historic" native, is the genetic twin of the nearly extinct Crljenak Kastelanski grape variety, once grown along Croatia's Dalmatian Coast.
Since the variety itself has been positively identified as the Primitivo of Puglia, and ultimately the Crljenak Kastelanski of Dalmatia, we are likely to imagine a similar origin for the name, perhaps a corruption of some obscure synonym once known around the Adriatic Sea, maybe even leftover from ancient Illyria.