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a regional term for 'creature' (especially for domestic animals)

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Baby birds, coyotes, raccoons, snakes and other critters make their appearances.
Onstott, a geologist (earth scientist) at Princeton University, who helped drill for the critters.
The donated products include a broad selection of "kid-friendly" Boyds bears, dolls and other critters that appeal to children of all ages.
com Columnist Todd Harrison, "Minyanville" Offers Daily Financial Insight In Guise of Cartoon Bull, Bear & Other Critters
NEWHALL - The staff at the Placerita Nature Center wants to add a mountain lion to the museum's educational collection of stuffed birds and other perpetually preserved critters, but acquiring one of the endangered cats is a delicate matter.
Claudia Baretto, a paleontologist at the University of Wisconsin, recently compared the bone cells of four different critters.
Anytime a child gets a cold, infection or diarrhea, and especially right after antibiotic treatment, he can help rebuild his immune system by taking Friendly Critters with meals.
L'il Critters Fruit & Veggie Bears are a fun and healthy way for children to get their vitamins and antioxidants.
VALENCIA - Skye Elmore has had cats, hamsters, a dog, a rabbit and a guinea pig, but the 9-year-old has developed a fondness for four little critters in recent months that could surpass her feelings for all the others.
But more often it forms buds, outgrowths that break off and develop into new critters.
With WONKA EGG HUNT's ZERO GRAVITY EGGS, FAMILY FUN EGGS, and HIDEABLE CRITTERS, parents can create a "WONKAliscious" Easter Hunt "EGGstravaganza" that's fun for kids of all ages.
I really care for each one of my people and critters.
As luck would have it, the creepy critters were hiding when the team arrived.
Straight from a Texas grandma and her Nashville song-writing friends comes "There's a Moose on the Loose," a colorfully illustrated children's book of country critters, including a moose, a mouse, a lion and a cat in a frilly hat.
For his Critters of the Cinema business that he runs from a 30-acre ranch, Bloch prowls shelters for animals he can adopt and groom for acting careers.