Das Kapital

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a book written by Karl Marx (1867) describing his economic theories


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Like his conception of the hero, Carlyle's treatment of words as things forms the basis of his critique of political economy, for where the rhetoric of political economy legitimated the reality of symbolic meaning, Carlyle sought to look through the guises of symbolic meaning to the inherent qualities of ideas, of heroes, and of words.
Marx's critique of political economy finds a modern-day parallel in Soederberg's critique of the mainstream, conventional understanding and analysis of global governance.
The road forward for Canadian labour can only be through a renewed commitment to class struggle -- to a program which is informed by Marx's critique of political economy, and which anticipates the social, economic, and political content of a future Socialist Federation of North America.
In "Toward a Black Radical Critique of Political Economy," Turner locates radical black worker struggles at the center of his analysis.
However, readers looking for a more concrete political criticism need to turn to his other works, such as For a New Critique of Political Economy or the multi-volume work The Decadence of Industrial Democracies.
Alongside this, there has been a revival of interest in Marx's own critique of political economy among students and others, with Capital reading groups increasingly common on university campuses and in major cities.
Read this way, The Making is the redeemed promise of a truly materialist critique of political economy.