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Synonyms for upgrade

Synonyms for upgrade

to advance to a more desirable state

to raise in rank

the act of making better or the condition of being made better

a progression upward in rank

Synonyms for upgrade

an upward slope or grade (as in a road)

software that provides better performance than an earlier version did

a reservation that is improved

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the property possessed by a slope or surface that rises

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hardware that provides better performance than an earlier version did

the act of improving something (especially machinery) by raising it to a higher grade (as by adding or replacing components)

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rate higher

to improve what was old or outdated

get better travel conditions

give better travel conditions to

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lt;p>Earlier today, Microsoft delivered five critical updates that patched eight vulnerabilities in Windows, including one that the company won't bother fixing in Windows 2000 Server SP4.
The N100 reportedly automates many routine security and maintenance tasks though a suite of productivity tools, Lenovo Care, which features a one-button system recovery; automatic updates that download and install critical updates for Lenovo software; and easy connectivity for simple wired or wireless set up.
Windows users should therefore update virus protection weekly, visit the Microsoft Web site regularly to download critical updates, and set up firewalls to help stop new intruders.
Today's enterprise management needs are not the same as they were 10 years ago and customers are demanding a centralized management solution that can deploy mission critical security updates to their mobile users while simultaneously deploying the same mission critical updates to their desktop users during the day without significantly impacting their LAN performance.
Launched in May 2011, the Board Education Program provides corporate secretaries, general counsel, and board leadership with critical updates and high-caliber content offered through a variety of live and online events.
Travel apps can alert travelers of critical updates like long wait times at security, gate changes or baggage claim carousels.
Obtain critical updates on FASB, SSARS, ASB, GASB and more
Working in an open forum with leaders from over 45 member companies, the IAB Digital Video Committee spent over a year crafting the suite, which includes critical updates to its key specs - VAST and VPAID - and the establishment of a new protocol, VMAP.
com hotel booking engine, which aggregates inventory across multiple distribution sources to consolidate rates and commission levels for more than 200,000 hotels globally; ABC Global CommissionPro(TM), which tracks and reconciles commissions for agents at no charge and chases down commissions that go unpaid longer than 90 days; ABC Global e-Travel Alerts(TM) which provide agents with critical updates of world events that could lead to travel disruptions; and ABC 24/7(TM), an around-the-clock call center service.
The integration extends into commercial arrangements with automation suppliers for services like qualified patch lists and critical updates.
This month's set of patches was a whopper, with critical updates for Windows, Internet Explorer and Office.
NEW YORK -- Corporate Board Member is launching a series of convenient, easy-to-access educational webinars designed to provide directors and officers with critical updates on issues shaping the corporate governance landscape from experts in a variety of fields.
Rebuilding Together is honored to work with Choice Hotels International to provide these critical updates to the De Colores program facility," said Sandra Henriquez, chief operating officer, Rebuilding Together.
The Third Edition presents all pharmaceutical industry personnel and those in academia with critical updates on the recent advances in granulation technology and changes in FDA regulatory guidelines.
MaaS360([R]) Patch Management from the Cloud Service Deploys and Manages Critical Updates to Protect Laptops, Netbooks and Desktops on both Wired and Wireless Connections