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Synonyms for critic

Synonyms for critic

a person who evaluates and reports on the worth of something

a person who finds fault, often severely and willfully

Words related to critic

a person who is professionally engaged in the analysis and interpretation of works of art

someone who frequently finds fault or makes harsh and unfair judgments

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Conflict of interest of parties is considered as critical reason for carrying on an inquiry.
Washington, November 27 ( ANI ): In a new study, researchers have discovered a critical reason why women experience fertility problems as they get older.
Another critical reason firms want to automate is the need to reduce costs.
Critical reason helps us decipher when the rational argument breaks down after he has us agreeing with some of the premises.
Here, efforts are made to apply the critical reason extolled by Plato to our own "postliberal democracy" (p.
Changes in pulping technology provide a critical reason why the fortunes of the old magazine (OMG) grade have changed dramatically throughout the past 10 years.
Sex - or an increase in intimacy- was cited as a critical reason to take a weekend break by 38% of males and females questioned.
He is a critical reason The Master's remains in the playoff hunt entering the final week of the regular season.
He identifies this post-Shoah epoch in Jewish-Christian dialogue as one of "relationality that invites both critical reason and a reaffirmation of scriptural revelation and the traditions of belief and practice that interpret it" (4).
Another critical reason for IFIs' impressive resilience to the crisis to date relates to the core principles of Islamic banking: both speculation and interest rates are prohibited.
The documentation of the national economy is another critical reason to introduce VAT.
The city's Home Investment Partnerships (HOME) Program for Disaster Relief is a critical reason why the city is nearly 100 percent recovered from the disaster.
His loyalties remain double: to his tradition and to critical reason.
It is a critical reason why we present the International Trading Supplement each year.
Critical reason in cultural studies is no longer (or should not be, according to what this book will try to show) aesthetic-historicist, but it is rather fundamentally committed to the deconstruction of the inside-outside relationship on which any and all historicisms, including the historicisms of intranational or diasporic locality, and therefore all cultural theories of modernity, have always been structurally established.
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