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a method of investigation involving observation and theory to test scientific hypotheses

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No doubt the historical critical method used by some members of the Jesus Seminar, and other scholars such as the late Raymond Brown and John Meier, has caused problems for some traditional Christians.
Fellow scholars of literature gathered at Oxford for a symposium in September 2006 to hold dialogue with the two new critical methods, and to explore their uses in a range of contexts, disciplines, languages, and periods.
With the increased demand for data and market consolidation (three major mergers within the past year) BI tools will continue as a critical method to manage and profit from structured data," stated to Audrey Mickahail, senior research analyst at SPEX.
As an advanced exercise to illustrate the effect of variations in critical method, students might then be encouraged to assess the implications for the concept of containment of Leah Marcus's refreshingly explicit revision of her approach to Bartholomew Fair by reading her earlier criticism on the play along with her present essay.
The emergence of IP as a critical method of communications' transport is changing how we communicate, how information is accessed and how companies interact with their customers, suppliers and customers," said Christin Flynn, director, Carrier Convergence Infrastructure Group, Yankee Group.
He is convinced that the current state of exegesis, since it relies so heavily on the historical critical method, is inadequate and abandons the challenge of giving scriptural passages a contemporary meaning.
The result is a significant contribution to critical method as well as to Joyce studies.
Its critical method - especially in the study of law, widespread changes in the educational systems of western Europe, the influence of humanism on the vernacular literatures of France, Spain, and England, on northern art, and on the Reformation in England complete chapter 5.
In critical method, Hall's goal is to combine psychological and historical dimensions, and here his handling of the former may be judged more successful than the latter.
Also, pursuant to its agreement with iBEAM, NaviSite will now have the ability to offer iBEAM's satellite broadcast of streaming media as a critical method of streaming media delivery underlying NaviSite's end-to-end streaming media solution.
because it is usually wrong"[270]) could serve as an epigraph for the collection as a whole, for new historicism - as Paul Stanwood rather grumpily indicates - is the unifying critical method.
He hardly pauses to define his subject matter or introduce his critical method.
Cisco Systems, who already provides comprehensive multicast support within the Cisco IOS Software throughout its internetworking product suite, believes multicast routing is quickly becoming a critical method for delivery of many Internet information services.
This substance is produced through super critical method, but its two-step sol-gel production method is relatively time consuming.
To create the original show, lolas brainstormed with Nicolas Cabs, a lean wraith of a Greek national poet whose verse mined the double imagery of Salvador Dall's paranoiac critical method.
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