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a method of investigation involving observation and theory to test scientific hypotheses

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Fellow scholars of literature gathered at Oxford for a symposium in September 2006 to hold dialogue with the two new critical methods, and to explore their uses in a range of contexts, disciplines, languages, and periods.
In other words, we ought by all means to avail ourselves of the historical critical method, recognizing its need for supplements.
The InfinityLab columns and supplies announced today allow tracking of critical method information for high data confidence and offer ergonomic designs for exceptional system usability.
This substance is produced through super critical method, but its two-step sol-gel production method is relatively time consuming.
Berman designs his critical method to "articulate, or at least attempt to articulate, the principles of a retranslation of the work in question" (78).
People in all walks of life and at every stage of their education and career find handwriting to be a critical method for recording and processing information," Live Science quoted Byron Connell, the chief marketing officer of Livescribe as saying.
It is time to defend critical method not because it is particularly historical, but because it is essential to rational discourse.
In addition to chromatography analysis, there are laboratories for separation analysis, a critical method in the identification and separation of new chemical entities and new biological entities.
Ziser dismisses my "very conservative approach," my "outdated critical method," whereas my preface announces and every page demonstrates that Can Poetry Save the Earth?
In this paper, we using the elementary method to study the relationship between the twin primes and some arithmetical function, and give a new critical method for twin primes.
Because the book takes the historical approach to its logical conclusion, it can stand as a fine and exemplary instance of that approach, and would make a good text for discussion of critical method with postgraduate students.
of Wisconsin-Madison) and contributors explain this critical method for solving Maxwell equations, including the one-dimensional scalar wave equation, numerical dispersion and stability, incident wave source conditions, analytical absorbing boundary conditions, near-to-far field transformations, dispersive, nonlinear and gain materials, grids, bodies of revolution, periodic structures, antennas, photonics, advances in techniques and advances in hardware acceleration for FDTD.
Finally, the author proposes that it is a critical method to formatively evaluate young teachers by using the multi-intelligence theory.
While the course reflects the methodological sensibilities and prejudices of its creator--a political historian who declares this openly and frequently in his classes--students develop an appreciation for the fact that all historical enquiry, whatever the sources of its inspiration, must be conducted in accordance with the rigorous critical method that is the hallmark of all academic history.
Weaknesses of this kind affect the general quality of the book, but this should not downplay the fact that Irish and Postcolonial Writing is a helpful exploration of postcolonial theory and in its best instances--particularly in the work of Graham and Kirkland--it vindicates its utility as a critical method in Irish Studies.
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