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the outermost atmospheric layer

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was at a critical level was in June 2007 after an attempted car bombing at the Glasgow airport.
09 meters, very very near to its critical level of 180 meters," said Mang Nitoy.
The aim is to gather evidence of the critical level to which stocks have fallen, and to spur the Scottish Parliament into action.
Maintaining a critical level in terms of cost and resources is high and experts have said the UK cannot sustain it for more than a few days.
When the bacteria count in the meat reaches a critical level, the orange turns to grey to match the smaller Q on the label.
Although this book is suggested for young children, it also can be read on a critical level for political discussions.
NHS doctors have been warned by the Department of Health that stocks of diamorphine may reach a critical level within weeks and have been urged to save the drug for patients close to dying and seek alternative forms of pain relief.
Anderson said "the critical level is about 26 million s/f of potential (commercial) development.
Data from our previous work was included in the more recent paper because we needed "boundary values" between or below which we were looking for a threshold or a critical level.
However, none of these goals can be realized without a critical level of reading skill, which is really the key to the success of CBI ESL.
A factor in some cases might he exposure to a high level of a specific toxic element, it could be long-term exposure to a critical level, it could be diet, it could be chance.
Poorly structured queries can often go unnoticed until utilization of an application reaches a critical level.
In some states, the shortage of NHAs is reaching a critical level.
Southern California Edison called off a scheduled ``rolling black-out'' that had been ordered in the region to conserve electricity as supplies slumped to a critical level.
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