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the outermost atmospheric layer

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However, none of these goals can be realized without a critical level of reading skill, which is really the key to the success of CBI ESL.
Over the last decade, more and more soils across the United States have been testing below the critical level for phosphorus and potassium," says Robert Mullen, PotashCorp's Director of Agronomy.
9 meters, the critical level being 4 meters, according to reports of the BGNES news agency.
7 days a week, at a critical level, with a guaranteed 6-hour repair time and the level of non-critical, with a guaranteed response time of four hours.
The developments in Syria are on a very critical level, added Davutoglu who held a joint press conference with Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi in Ankara on Thursday.
A factor in some cases might he exposure to a high level of a specific toxic element, it could be long-term exposure to a critical level, it could be diet, it could be chance.
Poorly structured queries can often go unnoticed until utilization of an application reaches a critical level.
In some states, the shortage of NHAs is reaching a critical level.
Southern California Edison called off a scheduled ``rolling black-out'' that had been ordered in the region to conserve electricity as supplies slumped to a critical level.
But it is during the critical level - the changeover between the high and low phases - that we are at our worst and feel unco-ordinated.
the apartment owner may make noise with impunity up to some critical level, and, if the apartment owner makes more than the critical level of noise, the single family may obtain an order of the court directing the apartment owner to reduce the noise down to the critical level.
Environmental obligations have reached a critical level in the United States.
For a while, it seemed as though the equity would establish a basement near 10, but KEY tumbled below this psychologically critical level in mid-November.
The pressure dropped below the critical level in main gas pipeline.
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