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While these essays will not revolutionize Caulfield criticism or perform the perhaps impossible task of impelling a new qualitative and quantitative status to Salinger studies, they very ably complement Graham's deft summary of Salinger's life and times, her own intelligent reading of the novel, and her outstanding review of the critical history.
The editor and a colleague, Stephen Whitworth, both psychorhetoricians, write a critical history survey that includes abstracts of the subsequent articles presented in this volume, which demonstrate "the variety and high quality of work finally being done on .
As such, it's a kind of critical history of the development of Wagnerian theatre from its earliest stirrings to what many would regard as the egregious excess of thoroughly modern Regietheater.
He has written a much needed, critical history that, because of its focus on recent events, is truly unique and skillfully illuminates the complexity and patterns of contemporary African American Christianity.
Lavishly illustrated, this tome is not a critical history but rather a chronological celebration of the USAF's role in developing powered flight.
Decisions about how useful or effective as critical history such perspectives must be made by those widely and deeply knowledgeable in each of the literatures.
Wall has selected essays that provide both a clear overview of the novel's critical history and substantial insight into debates that continue to influence responses to Hurston's work.
While this case-study may be more concerned with the history of physical anthropology than that of archaeology, the range of positions it entails makes it quite revealing for a genuinely critical history of archaeology.
His solid and thorough survey of the theatrical and critical history of the play from 1605 is the best that we have to date: but the book is more than the sum of these parts.
The contingency of reading this collection while surveying the selections of African American theory included by Winston Napier as representative of the '90s (in African American Literary Theory: A Reader) brought forward the conviction that readings arguing for Walker's enduring value must acknowledge both her work's complex relation to plural ancestors and to a critical history that makes any reading a "located" one.
Jones's book, based on extensive investigation in the Archivo General de Indias, in Seville, is a critical history, an attempt to correct a record distorted by Spanish apologists almost from the time of the conquest itself.
For one thing, PBS stations have more money than they let on in their public posturing, one of the central arguments offered by Laurence Jarvik in his critical history, PBS: Behind the Screen.
In the first part of the book, Lyons presents a critical history of recent work on intentionality.
Lawrence Jones, in a characteristically thorough overview of Shadbolt's work and its critical history, notes some of the outbursts of critical distaste on the part of fellow New Zealand writers which greeted Shadbolt's early writing.
However, once the reader gets past that title, the book offers the first critical history of the 1,000-member organization that has had such influence in shaping the content of daily newspapers in the United States.
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