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comparison of a particular text with related materials in order to establish authenticity

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Even at the start of the first wave, there was talk of creating a critical edition of Puccini's music, the sine qua non of academic--and canonic--respectability for any great composer, and a critical edition of at least one opera--Madama Butterfly--was briefly attempted in the 1970s (see Denis Vaughan, "Puccini's Orchestration," Proceedings of the Royal Musical Association 87 [1960-61]: 1-14; Philip Gossett, "Some Thoughts on the Use of Autograph Manuscripts in Editing the Works of Verdi and Puccini," Journal of the American Musicological Society 66, no.
submitted the critical edition and translation for his 1987 doctorate before a career as librarian for the Australian Antarctic Division in Hobart, Tasmania.
Overall, this is an invaluable volume that builds upon its predecessors and provides a wide array of materials in a single text, the hallmark of a Norton Critical Edition.
In two studies, Mojzsova and Pospisil dealt with the history of publishing Bedrich Smetana's correspondence and the current critical edition project.
A critical edition must always indicate every difference between the sources.
However, these endeavors would not belong in a critical edition, whose main function is to be a faithful rendering of the original, and not to deviate into highly specific or hypothetical excursions.
Editing the Texts of the Treatise, the Abstract, and the Letter from a Gentleman' explains the principles according to which the critical edition was constructed, documents the editors' fine historical detective work in establishing that 'the first edition of the Treatise had only one printer .
He offers the first, along with a critical edition of diagrams designed to reconstruct the earliest form recoverable from the manuscripts; evidence from the Archimedes Palimpsest, which was lost from 1915 to 1998; and the ancient commentaries of Eutocius on the two books.
This hypertext version of The Book of the Duchess includes a reading edition, a critical edition, transcriptions and images of MS Bodley 638, MS Fairfax r6, MS Tanner 346, and the edition in Thynne's 1532 Works, texts and translations of sources and analogues from Machaut's Fonteine amoreuse to Statius' Thebaid, and a complete reading of the poem in sound files.
Her next project, a critical edition of Bolossy Kiralfy's memoirs, centered on another figure at the intersection of high art and popular American dance culture.
Equally skeptical about the efficacy of recent critical editions of Adventures of Huckleberry Finn--and undaunted by sound and fury--John Bird of Winthrop University questioned the value of the Norton's third edition in his paper, "The Norton Critical Edition Huckleberry Finn, Edition 3.
Silva-Caceres, in preparing and prefacing this critical edition for Catedra, has sought to move beyond the "predominante identificacion [de Hijo de ladron] con la literatura existencial" that he sees as a flaw of much commentary on the novel, especially Chilean criticism of the 1960s.
I'm sitting on the floor watching Dynasty, I was mad for that show and it was a critical edition too.
Darwin, third edition, edited by Philip Appleman (New York: Norton Critical Edition, 2001); 695 pp.
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