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Paradoxically, despite the heavy editing of the text at times, Gustafson's editorial rubrics, together with scrupulous footnotes and the exhaustive critical apparatus, in most cases allow the reader to easily reconstruct the original text.
Despite playing with the usual critical apparatus, Combuchen's analysis of the man and the writer should be just as attractive to academics as it will be to readers with no idea of who Knut Hamsun was.
One of its most distinctive features is that the critical apparatus for the Hebrew and Greek texts is provided in electronic format.
The text provides not only a critical apparatus that explains and justifies T.
An unfortunate side effect of such exhaustiveness throughout is that the texts risk drowning beneath fathoms of critical apparatus.
In those two short years, the critical apparatus of the '80s had clearly lost some of its luster in the eyes of at least one professor, though I'm sure he wasn't alone, and I hope it had nothing to do with my deeply earnest paper on Barbara Kruger, Jenny Holzer, and the "subversion of the stereotype.
By providing a Latin edition and English translation of AElfric's letter, along with an extensive critical apparatus, Jones has made accessible one of the earliest complete English monastic customaries.
One of the more subtle treatments of this topic may be found in the Marxist scholar Maxime Rodinson's classic biography of Muhammad, a work that does not appear in the prodigious critical apparatus.
The work contains complete critical apparatus including a detailed index (which is imperative in a work of this sort), an extensive bibliography, and a biographical register providing a short description of each of Hobbes's correspondents.
It is preceded by a useful mention of the vocal ambitus of each of the five voices (three sopranos, alto, and bass), and followed by a detailed critical apparatus which first clearly sets out all text spelling and musical notation choices of the editor (cleffing, basso continuo figures, key signatures and other alterations, dynamics, and articulation marks), and consequently explains the corrections the editor made to the score.
The difficulties encountered by the reader in consulting the latter are not present in Rittner's volume, mainly because of the absence of a detailed critical apparatus.
Based instead on the 1544 edition, Michel Bideaux's new edition of the first book of Amadis de Gaule includes a substantially larger critical apparatus, resulting in a rather imposing volume of some 700 pages--another chapter in the fortunes of Amadis de Gaule, which Herberay initially presented as appropriate light reading for idle aristocrats in his 1540 preface.
The critical apparatus that Bertelli and Ribiere have furnished is a model of the genre.
This edition provided for the first time a critical apparatus with the readings of the other manuscripts (surprisingly numerous, but all incomplete), studies of the transmission, and a detailed commentary discussing textual points and in particular the relationship of the Basle translation (this being the only vernacular form in which Mechthild's work survives) to the original Middle Low German text.
AB: Because the critical apparatus had become displaced by that machine, with the collectors waiting for us at one end and the dealers pushing us in at the other.
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