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a monetary standard under which the basic unit of currency is defined by a stated quantity of gold

a paragon of excellence

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Using a numerical example, we shall attempt to demonstrate that the cutoff point associated with the lowest P-Value of the Pearson's chi-squared test is the one that maximizes sensitivity and specificity, or overall accuracy, thus establishing the Criterion Standard Test.
However, when examining flexibility and muscular endurance, female Kinesiology students exceeded the criterion standard by reaching further in the modified sit and reach test and performed significantly more push ups and sit ups in the allotted time for each test.
Performance characteristics of electronic influenza classification methods compared to criterion standard chart review, Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, October-December 2009 * No.
The mean estimate for each image in the survey was also plotted versus the criterion standard (Figure 3, K).
The criterion standard used as follow-up and comparison with the optic nerve sheath diameter ultrasonography is not a direct measurement of ICP.
The sensitivity of the SVN-based scoring algorithm was compared with the criterion standard of full medical record review.
Criteria Test threshold defined at start of study 1 point Consecutive or random sample of a defined 1 point outpatient population Acceptable criterion standard including 30-day follow-up 1 point Test performed prior to criterion standard 1 point Criterion standard interpreted independently 1 point Table 2.
Articles were included in this review if they reported original data and tested depression screening instruments against a criterion standard, yielding sensitivity and specificity.
Greenes (Assistant in Medicine, Division of Emergency Medicine at Boston Children's Hospital and Instructor in Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School) was to evaluate the accuracy of the new noninvasive temporal artery (TA) thermometer using rectal temperature as the criterion standard.
The Food and Drug Administration minimum criterion standard is 85% eradication.
18) conducted a prospective criterion standard study of 2,920 children (1-18 years of age) in the south Bronx, New York, to determine the sensitivity, specificity, and predictive validity of the New York City Department of Health (NYCDOH) risk-assessment questionnaire for identifying children who should receive a TST.
The widely accepted ACR criteria (3) were used as the external criterion standard for the diagnosis of SLE.
The second time was defined by a criterion standard, and may more accurately reflect the clinical response, as other factors--such as transportation--might affect the actual time of discharge.
When an outcome is used as the criterion standard, indicate duration and methods of follow-up.
The medical technicians' diagnoses served as the criterion standard for comparison with the clinician evaluations and nucleic acid hybridization test results.