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marked with crossing lines


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At the recent Paris Fashion Week, Kendall graced the crowd with a criss-cross dress by Sonia Rykiel.
By partnering with MMI, the families we help will have access to valuable national and regional programs and additional tools and resources to help them reach their financial goals," said Amie Darway, executive director for CRISS-CROSS.
The cookware's most distinctive feature is its spider handle, a criss-cross design raised high enough above the surface of the cover that it can double as a trivet.
I also 'traded up' my fries for criss-cross chips (an extra 99p) and added a steak relish (grilled tomato, mushroom, onion rings and peas for pounds 1.
Although a half-brother to classy stablemate Midday, Midsummer Sun shows more knee action than her and looked uncomfortable on the many ridges that criss-cross the Rowley Mile.
Black criss-cross dress, pounds 20 @ Jane Norman Black patent sandals, pounds 38 @ Dorothy Perkins
Instead, tighten the nuts in a criss-cross star pattern.
Ancient tracks and pathways criss-cross the plateau, and visitors can listen out for the skylarks, pipits and red grouse which breed up there and watch the sky for buzzards and ravens.
Solvays technology reinforces PE pipe with layers of MD-oriented PE tape wrapped in a criss-cross pattern around the pipe and protected by an unoriented plastic layer.
Scientists found that the straight-laced, criss-cross methods proved to be the strongest way of tying laces, by producing more tension, but that the bow-tie used less lace and was thus more efficient.
As the stories unfold, the paths of the three women cross and criss-cross until they finally meet and sit together at the airport.
At Case Western, that kind of integration will soon criss-cross courses, schools, and institutions, says Hundert, creating a model for the kind of integrated study that will be unique to CWRU--"No deans negotiating shared tuition agreements," he foretells.
One sheet of enamel gets laid down daily, the process forming a criss-cross pattern inside the tooth.
The criss-cross runs should create open space for B.